We Are Tired Of Sweeping Used Condoms, Toilets And ‘weed’ - Agona Amanful School Children

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We Are Tired Of Sweeping Used Condoms, Toilets and ‘weed’ - Agona Amanful School Children

Pupils of Agona Amanful Basic school in the Agona East District of the Central Region has expressed worry as their classrooms have been turned into cinema.

According to the pupils, ''wee'' smokers have turned the classrooms into prostitution joint , ''wee'' Smoking base, and place of convenience.

They complained, they are tired of sweeping used condoms, pieces of ''Wee'' and toilets in the classrooms and are therefore calling on government to come to their aid immediately.

According to them, all the roofing sheets on the buildings are in deplorable states and due to that, the rain falls on them directly anytime its rains.

Meanwhile, the Headmistress of the school, Adelia Kafui Lagbeneku also lamented the situation is getting out of hand as they are finding it difficult to get chairs for the pupils to sit forcing them to sit five - five on a desk.

District chiefs Executive for Agona East, Denis Armah has cautioned perpetrators to desist from such habits and pledged to attend to the problems facing the school.

Source - Grace Afumwaa

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