About DawuroAfrica

DawuroAfrica is a Ghanaian news platform with the main missions to discuss issues for African development  and promote Africa to the rest of world. Dawuroafrica focuses on all areas of African development. It was founded in August 2015. It is a platform where articles are published on the various issues confronting the African continent. Dawuroafrica also gathers news from other websites and display them on the site. The news posted by dawuroafrica is consistent with the above-mentioned mission of projecting Africa to the world and discussing issues for the continent’s development. It uses satire to condemn poor leadership on the continent and praises good leadership with extolations.

More often than not Africa is portrayed to the world as a continent filled with war, diseases. And poverty. Partly true as this picture may seem, the continent is at a tipping point where it is rising into great development. This notwithstanding, Africa, like all other continents have their own challenges. One of the main challenges facing the African continent is massive corruption in high places and its careless countenance by the citizens and government. Articles posted would not most often lay  emphasis on the negativity on continent, however on such matters opinions discussing how such problems could be solved would be the preference of Dawuroafrica.

On few occasions, when there is a news on serious abuse of power to suppress human rights or massive corruption by leaders on the continent, dawuroafrica would not hesitate to report it on the website. Dawuroafrica is aware that there are patriotic and selfless Africans in the diaspora who would be willing to help the continent on its path to development. For this reason, some of the articles featured would highlight some places in Africa where the people need genuine help. Furthermore, we(dawuroafrica) intends to project Africa to the rest of the world as the developing continent abreast with the trending developments in the rest of the world. In some cases Dawuroafrica would feature articles that describe some beautiful places on the African continent that could serve as tourist attractions.

Interested authors who have interesting articles whether news or opinion, or any interesting article pertaining to the development of the African continent in the global economy could contact Dawuroafrica via our address info@dawuroafrica.com and dawuroafrica@gmail.com.

Mission: To promote and project Africa to the world; to discuss issues for Africa's development.

Vision: To become the number one reference point on current issues on various parts of the  African continent and its development.