Creating Employment Through Lottery- Kudah Ceo Leads The Way.

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Creating Employment through Lottery- Kudah CEO Leads the Way.

The rising unemployment rate in Ghana is a growing concern for civil societies, organizations and government. To this end government has initiated some interventions to try reduce the phenomenon; government has further called on the private sector to support the effort in creating employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed youth in the country.

One such organization that has heeded the call with a very exceptional intervention is the Kudah lottery. The Kudah group; operators of the Kudah Lottery have outlined strategies of using the lottery to create equal financial inclusion and opportunities for lottery enthusiasts.

Turning lottery wins into sustainable businesses is a social enterprise initiative that Kudah lottery has developed to help the teeming unemployed youth in the country. To this end, Kudah guides and supports lottery winners willing to be self-sufficient through the establishment of small-scale industries.

As part of the company’s vision to enrich the lives of ordinary Ghanaians, the business development department of the company is always developing products that will make it easier and convenient to access the several opportunities that Kudah provides, according to information available on their website.

The CEO of Kudah group Mr Adam Gadafi Kudah who has always supported and sponsored several laudable social enterprise initiatives believes that businesses must always create an avenue of extending a helping hand to the very poor and help raise their standard of living.

According to Mr. Kudah, the Kudah lottery was established primarily to create an avenue where the ordinary Ghanaian can win a fortune through the lottery and be self-sufficient. He reiterated how the company has rewarded and changed the lives of several individuals over the years.

“Our aim is to reward patrons of our games, to us everyone who stake Kudah Lottery is a winner since profits generated by the company mostly funds social intervention projects”

With this in mind everyone who play the Kudah Lottery responsibly are contributing to local community development, which means their investment creates some form of social change while they further stand the chance of bettering their lives.

Since the inception of lottery by the Dutch in the 15th century, many organizations and individuals have set out to reward stakers and patrons of the initiative, one of such companies is the Kudah company limited.

Inspired by the vision of equal distribution of wealth, Mr.   Adam Gadafi Kudah   set out to create a business that will provide an equal opportunity for ordinary Ghanaians to live their dream lives. This singular vision saw the birth of the Kudah group and the Kudah lottery

Since its establishment, Kudah lottery has brought smiles to several homes through its numerous banker to banker agents spread across the country. Swift payments have always characterized the activities of the Kudah group hence the instantaneous growth of the company through repeated customers and word of mouth.

Kudah Lottery limited is a limited liability banker to banker company registered in Ghana and licensed by the National lottery Authority to carry out legal lottery activities in Ghana.

Customer satisfaction and agents reward is the hallmark of Kudah lottery. This can be attested through the testimonials of several satisfied customers; With Kudah, your win is our joy.

Source - Joe Philips

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