I C S A Leads With Top Notch Innovative Events For 2020

I C S A Leads With Top Notch Innovative Events For 2020

International Centre for Strategic Alliances is a group of leading industry professionals and innovators whose core competence include innovations and used case scenarios from industry leaders as well as research from leading information sources such as businesses and professionals all over the world.

International Centre for Strategic Alliances create a compelling blend of corporate Be spoke events with C Suite Executives and decision makers as attendees that are pre-qualified and trainings to drive innovation and individual success.

ICSA always brings more to the table than just an event for network of vendors, ICSA brings collective, clever creativity backed by thoughtfulness; calculated logistics and networking that help you gain insights and Returns on Investment. ICSA event architects transform ordinary events into unmatched experiences.

ICSA understands the importance of valuable information. Hence, with extensive research and industry expertise ICSA offers blended digital learning through extensive library of case studies, knowledge base, white papers, curated info-graphics and much more with valuable data and insights, organizations are able to gain a competitive advantage.

ICSA specialize in conferences, managed events and well-trimmed training tiers that act as a gateway between you and world’ leading experts in technology, digital innovation. Whether it is conferences, corporate training, certifications or managed events, ICSA’s combination of contemporary world events and digital content provides unrivaled learning and network.

In 2020 ICSA brings to bear top notch events to strategically re-position companies in a very dynamic business space, ICSA list of events include Digital banking summit from 6th - 7th of April 2020 and microfinance banking summit on the 21st April 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria and the ICSA Digital Banking Summit in Accra, Ghana in August 2020. 

Source - George Kwame Egeh

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