Take Ritualists Off Our Tv Screens-chamber Of Content Producers Petitions President

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Take Ritualists Off Our Tv Screens-Chamber Of Content Producers Petitions President

The management of the Ghana Chamber of Content Producers has expressed disgust and worry at the way money rituals known in our local parlance as “Sika Duro” is being glorified on various Ghanaian Television Stations.

To this end the leadership of the chamber has petitioned the office of the President and other relevant regulating institutions to as a matter of urgency bring some order and sanity into what is aired on TV screens.

The chamber copied the Chairman Communications Committee of Parliament, Minister of National Security, Minister of Communication, Minister of Information, Chairman of the National Media Commission, President of the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), and some selected media houses.

The letter signed by the President of the chamber, Mr. Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin among other things cited article 164 of the 1992 constitution which speaks of responsible media freedom. The entire petition is copied below:

“It is with much concern and utmost urgency that the leadership of the Ghana Chamber of Content Producers write to your distinguished office on a matter that the chamber strongly believes stand as a threat to our national security.

The Chamber have been observing with keen interest and concern the springing forth of TV channels that are being used to promote the acquisition of ritual money (sika duro) on TV screens.

According to Mr. Dwomoh, the activities of these ritualists can inspire kidnappings and killings considering recent happenings in Ghana.  It is worth mentioning your Excellency that the economy is a bit rough for most youth in the country, and as such some are easily lured to commit heinous crimes in a bid to acquire some easy money as constantly advertised on these TV networks. 

Your Excellency, it is also alleged some are charlatans who can push their unsuspecting victims with outrageous demands which forces them into committing heinous crimes.

Article 164 of the 1992 constitution stipulates that media freedom as enshrined in articles 162 and 163 of the constitution are subject to laws that are reasonably required in the interest of national security, public order, public morality, and for the purpose of protecting the reputations, rights and freedoms of other persons. There is therefore the urgent need to regulate certain pejorative contents on our TV Screens.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. It is against this backdrop that we are calling on the office of the President to lead the imperative call for the abolishment of such contents and the subsequent regulation of similar contents on our screens in the interest of the nation.

The following channels are a few we have personally observed to be promoting ritual monies at peak times: Glory TV, Konkonsa TV, Ocean1 TV, EBN, TOP TV, Power TV and Dream TV. There are several others airing similar contents. 

On our part, our Public Affairs department has made several calls to these networks to request for such programs to be taken off air but to no avail.

We hope the higher office of the land, with the support from the designated copied state institutions and media outlets will treat our petition as urgent and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation before it gets out of hand.

Respectfully counting on your expedited cooperation.”

As stipulated in article 164, we will be following the development of this petition and update our readers on various actions taken by appropriate state institutions mandated to ensure national security, public order, public morality, and the protection of the reputations, rights and freedom of the Ghanaian public.


Author - Ghana Chamber of Content Producers

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