Disclaimer: Nigeria High Commission Debunk Fake News

Disclaimer: Nigeria High Commission Debunk Fake News

The attention of the Nigeria High Commission in Ghana has been drawn to a fake news item circulating on social media insinuating that some un-named Ghanaian authorities have issued a directive for-bidding non-resident Nigerians from operating bank Accounts in Ghana.

The fake news purportedly advised Nigerians to withdraw their money from the Ghanaian banking system in order to avoid been blocked as from November 2019. It ended by advising Nigerians to “be wise and get documents to avoid this storm from sweeping away all you have labored for years in one day.”

The Mission however wants to assure all Nigerians with banking operations in Ghana that from its findings, relevant Ghanaian authorities have disclaimed such directives and appeal to all and sundry to remain calm.

Signed by: A.H Ibrahim

For: High Commissioner

Source - Nigeria High Commission

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