A Letter To Strongman, Medikal And Manifest - Fred Kwabena Acquah

A Letter to Strongman, Medikal and Manifest - Fred Kwabena Acquah

Strongman you have won the beef, be smart and work on your brand and digital music outlets, take this opportunity to do more catchy music and don't kid yourself with the many views (audio slide) on YouTube. You had those views because people were curious about beef not because we like audio slides.

Medikal on the other hand will keep entertaining music lovers because he does more commercial music (with nonfa content or real content) because he branded himself well. You can't take that away from him, he has more resources and links compared to you. Even ur ex-boss will side with Medikal over you. FACT 101 cos he can make more numbers with Mdk than with you. Mdk has more hits oooo FORGET EVERYBODY don't be swayed.

I dunno why Mdot involved himself in this brouhaha, for crying out loud u are the godMC not everyone deserves ur reply, sometimes ignoring is everything. If you made a King mute why worry yourself with the town crier /gong-beater. I personally think he nailed it but was unnecessary.

Now to the Sound Engineers or Producers......atleast don't make our ears hurt because you are in a hurry to produce a beat in less than 24hrs, dont you have spare beats in your archives ahhh wharris dat. 

As for Prosper, example of guys u shd avoid. KISS n TELL niqqas.

And those throwing shots at Fella n Nana Ama, you aint saints or angels, SOME OF YOU ARE WORSE IN REAL LIFE JUST THAT U AIN'T POPULAR ENOUGH TO BE DISCUSSED. 

Source - Pee Zee

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