S M A - Wofa Amadaa For Assembly Member

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S M A - Wofa Amadaa for Assembly Member

A member of the Suame constituency New Patriotic Party team and former Polling station Secretary Osman Takyi Ameyaw has declared his intention to contest for this year's assembly Elections for Suame North which is popularly known as Mpintinka which is a newly created electoral area with 9 Polling stations.

In an exclusive interview with DawuroAfrica, Mr Ameyaw outlined the reasons why wants to run for the office of an assembly man.

According to Wofa Amadaa, the newly created Suame Municipal should bring more joy and opportunities to the lives of Constituents and he's ready to champion that course when voted into power.

"Let us not forget that Suame is no more under KMA but now a Municipal Assembly on its own, meaning, everything we seek to achieve for ourselves in terms of individual capacity building be it sponsorship and scholarship to continue education, Job opportunities, loans to expand our businesses and also infrastructures and amenities like road networks, toilet facilities, drainage systems, refuse damp, etc are all now in the hands of the Suame Municipal Assembly. The money and capacity to do all these this have been allocated to them by the President.

But the fact is if we do not have somebody who is Suame boy, knows the problems we are facing, have time, have knowledge and the skill in politics to fight and advocate for us to solve our problems for us we the people of Suame North will always be neglected and forgotten.

Family, So please let us all come together, roll our sleeves up, all hands on deck for us to push this agenda together to make it happen."

The vibrant and Vociferous Ameyaw, who has been in politics over the years is very optimistic of victory because of his rich history with Suame.

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