Fading Beauties Of The Youth

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Fading Beauties Of The Youth

Cascading beauties of mellow youthfulness
overflowing from her physical frame
Enthralled by her carnal fancies and
flamboyant existence,
dressed in shimmering vermillion garments,
sowed the seeds of her own destruction

Ripeness of her soul,
a creamy milky chocolate pudding
Sought for the fantasies and delicacies
in uncontrollable intoxication
Regardless of the truth behind the rosy side of life
that the Enlightened One,
the Lord Buddha once preached

The tormenting pain of abject poverty
compelling her to walking the streets
Carried away by the appetite for bags of cash
Reached the very heights of sensuality

Seductive ecstasies of youthful desires
The fever of adolescence and nihilism
Vivaciously exulting young lass in the heyday of life
groping in the darkness of overflowing lust

Now suffering the grinding decease, HIV/AIDS,
an outburst of physical, mental and moral ailments
Desolately dumped in her dark isolate dwelling,
with her closed face, a cancer for the society

Mellifluous music, now ringing in her ears in utter silence
Curse on the ephemeral enjoyment of life
Mercilessly thrown away even from the brothel
The burst of her scream rattles the windows

The new born fresh bud in blooming beauty
Despite the very virginity of the soul
even before seeing the light of the world
faced with the crippling plague

Excruciating monster of AIDS, with no mercy,
tattering and snatching the dreams of life
She suffers, nagged by the splitting emotional injuries
and the heap of painful sicknesses

The day and night both alike for her
Swarms of young birds now flying away from her
that once beguiled to her magnetic grace
and enjoyed her as if she was a juicy cherry

Glancing at the dying sun, its falling rays,
gradually becoming pale and soft in brilliance
She suffers until her body slips slowly into the earth
just as the fading sun dips below the far horizon.

Author - Indunil Madhusankha

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