If Ghana Is A Village, Move To The City - Dr Fusion Tells Shatta Wale

If Ghana is a village, move to the City - Dr Fusion tells Shatta Wale

Circulating video of Shatta Wale using lewd words to describe the people of Ghana and Ghana as a whole has infuriated the camp Dr. Fusion. The self acclaimed dancehall king posted a video on his Instagram page insulting Ghanaians saying "mo maame tw3mu" which Fusion and many discerning Ghanaians see as out of place and a sign of immaturity.

According to Dr. Fusion, Shatta Wale needs good counsel and that his cohorts who portray themselves as advisers need advice themselves. The people of Ghana are not fools, It is disappointing to have such a person even say any where in the world that he (Shatta Wale) is from Ghana.  

According to Dr. Fusion, when Shatta Wale felt he was nobody (Bandana), he recognised Ghana with the lines...

"Bandana from Ghana".  Now he feels he's on top of the world so Ghanaians are fools. Remember, "take heed when you think you stand, lest ye fall... 1 Cor. 10:12" and also the difference between " success" and "rich".

"I am not envious of your possessions but If some people are not in bed with you, does not mean they are fools and villagers. If Ghana ( the village) is no longer habitable for you, kindly move to the City", Dr. Fusion argues.

Watch below Shatta Wale's video insulting Ghanaians


Source - Pee Zee

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